Upcoming efforts include expanding the bottomup information system across the country for village-based local data. For this, we have to make the Neerjaal web application even more flexible and easily modifiable to accommodate local requirements of different areas. Eventually, the long-term vision of Neerjaal is to allow each and every villager and village/inhabitation to put their water data on the public domain.
Neerjaal What is UNIQUE?unique

  • 1st Village-based Interactive System.
  • Complete Drinking Water and Sanitation status at the village level.
  • Immediate Recall.
  • Web-based; Transparent; Open & Simple to Access.

Water Quality
Information on quality and quantity of water collected by community and tested by community.
Water Availability
Information on water availability to/for the village community, its distance, and amount.
Information Process
Village –> Community –> Training –> Data Collection –> Testing & Authentication –> Data Feeding –> Cleaning –> Integration with Database & Web

Hand pumps

Hand pumps

Rain water harvesting

Rain water harvesting

Mobile Water Testing Kit

Mobile Water Testing Kit

NeerJaal : What it is not? neerjaal2

  • No Secondary Data.
  • Not a portal info collected from other websites & links.
  • Not a centralized data collection system.
  • Not a Top-Down Information System.
  • Not a Pilot but an idea of Mass Movement.


  • A collection of secondary data.
  • A centralised data collection system.
  • A top-down information system.
  • A pilot but an idea for mass participation.

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